La Nit de l'Art
About La nit de l'Art

La Nit de l'Art is Mallorca's Mediterranean version of the "Nuit Blanche" concept, which many cities across the world celebrate.

In Mallorca, art galleries and museums join together to celebrate the start of the arts and culture season by transforming the city's historic quarter into a treasure trove for art lovers during a single night on the third Thursday of September.

The first edition of the Nit de l'Art took place in 1997 as an informal agreement between what were originally a handful of art galleries and a small group of collectors and enthusiasts.

Since then, it has been growing steadily and is widely regarded as one of the highlights of the social calendar with tens of thousands of visitors spilling onto the pedestrian streets and historic alleyways to discover some of the most exciting exhibitions, performances, video-installations and urban interventions.

La Nit de l'Art is one of the projects organised in collaboration with the following Associations:
Asociación Art Palma Contemporani

Asociación AIGAB

Seventeen years on, and despite its popularity, La Nit de l’Art continues to stay faithful to the same independent spirit and spontaneity it began with. Perhaps one of the secrets of its enduring appeal is precisely its refusal to become part of a rigid institutional organisation, and to comply with a set predefined programming; although the association of art galleries “Art Palma Contemporani” publishes a map with the list of galleries in the official program, until a few days (and sometimes hours) before official launch, no one knows exactly what is going to be on show.

Aside from the galleries which appear in the official program, and for one night only, everyone who is anyone in the arts circuit joins in the celebration to showcase new work, in a mix of traditional art venues, and alternative spaces such as cafés, bars, private apartments, balconies and façades of historic buildings, artist studios, rooftop terraces, public squares, parking spaces, fountains, and shop windows.

The guardians of the free spirit of the Nit de l’Art are the galleries who launched it fifteen years ago. Today, they are operate under the association “Art Palma Contemporani”, and continue to provide the backbone to the event without clipping its wings, by:
  • Providing the funds necessary to finance the official programme
  • Publishing an official guide to the event, which includes a map and lists the galleries participating in the official program.
  • Coordinating and hosting the press conference
  • Managing the website which contains information on upcoming editions
Art Palma Brunch

Art Palma Contemporani

In special collaboration with:
Open Source Systems Engineering
Cultural Strategy Partnership SL
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